Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Few Frozen Thoughts...

If you have a little Elsa or Anna your house, this is the time to stock up on "Frozen" supplies from Christmas clearance. There seem to be many snowflakes, sparkly things, and blue and white edible decorations left on the racks. The pictured blueberry candy canes were marked down to 25 cents a pack at my local Dollar Tree.

You may already have ideas of your own, and there are surely a multitude on Pinterest. Here are a few to get you started:
Frozen white chocolate candy bark with crushed blue candy cane
Frozen white hot chocolate with blue candy cane stirrers
Cakes, cookies, & cupcakes decorated in blue, silver, and white
Frozen sundaes or floats with blues and whites
Pretzels dipped in white or blue chocolate and candy decorations

Listed below are a few things you might want to get now for later use:
Blue candy canes
Silver and pearl cake decorations
Chocolate chips and candy melts In blues and white
Snowflake cake decorations
White and blue sparkling decorator sugars
Snowflake treat bags and favors
Snowflake decorations

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Louie's P & R Vouchers Are Available Again!

Louie's P&R  vouchers are available again for a limited time through mytownhalfprice.  For $10, you can score a $20 voucher that can be used between September 9 and December 9, 2013.  They run out quickly, so the sooner you purchase one, the better. My family loves their deli sandwiches and salads.  I also like to stock the freezer with their quality meat.  If you haven't been there before, put it on your "must try" list.  Louie's is an important part of Herrin's Italian heritage.  

The link to mytownhalfprice is here:
Louie's P & R is located at 120 E. Walnut in Herrin, Illinois.  Their phone number is 618-942-3394.  

If you want to get regular updates on their specials, text "LOUIES" to 866-77.  Although vouchers purchases today are not valid until Monday, this weekend's specials are bacon for $2.89 lb and homemade bratwurst for $2.49 lb.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Helped Hamburger: An Economical One Dish Meal

We had this last night for a quick meal after football practice.  We had plenty for seconds, enough for my lunch today, and a container to freeze for another quick meal.

This is the ingredient list with notes on their cost in parenthesis:
1 pound ground beef ($1.15 by purchasing on sale for $2.29/lb and using a $20 savings voucher previously purchased for $10 to use at Louie's P & R)
1 box of Barilla rotini (was on clearance for 49 cents at Kroger.  Wheat rotini was recently on clearance for 29 cents per box)
1 can of Progresso Meal Starters Sun Dried Tomato Sauce (50 cents per can at Dollar Tree)
1 can of Butterball chicken broth (previously on sale for 50 cents with coupon at Walgreens)
1 empty can filled with water
About half a jar of the Ragu Double Cheddar pasta sauce (previously purchased at Kroger during Mega Event for around $1.20 = about 60 cents worth used)
A handful of dehydrated, minced onions
Mexican oregano to taste
Italian seasoning to taste

Combine tomato sauce, chicken stock, and water in a pan. Add the dehydrated onions and bring to a boil.  Add the entire box of rotini for about 12 minutes or until desired tenderness with a bit of the oregano and Italian seasoning.  Reduce heat and add the cheese sauce.   Brown the ground beef with the remaining spices.  Add the browned beef to the pan Andover thoroughly.  

I did not drain the pasta.  By using only enough liquid to cover the rotini and boiling a bit longer, it made a good sauce when combined with the cheese.  

The entire pan, which made two meals for my family of three and my lunch, was less than $3.50.  

Friday, July 26, 2013

Meat Specials This Weekend at Louie's P & R!

This weekend, Louie's P & R in Herrin is featuring fresh ground beef at $2.29 per pound and their famous Italian salameats at $2.69 per pound.  If you took advantage of their most recent Daily Special through the Southern Illinoisan and still have one of the $20 vouchers that were offered for only $10, you save a LOT.   

Just think about it.  If you paid $20.61 plus tax for 9 pounds of ground beef, not including tax, you would basically be paying $10.61 plus tax for 9 pounds.  That's only $1.18 per pound of FRESH ground beef!  If you have a freezer, it might be time to stock for hamburgers, chili, meat loaf, and all of the other things you will eventually make with ground beef.  Plus, you can't just find salameats everywhere.  

You can also check out their meat bundles and Italian Deli sandwiches/salads via the link below:

Sunday, June 30, 2013

You'd Better Shop Around...

Sometimes it really pays to do a price comparison on groceries.  Recently, Dollar Tree has started carrying a couple varieties of the Progresso canned Meal Starters at 2/$1.00.  The exact same item at Kroger goes for over $2.00 per can.  Occasionally, there are coupons out as well, which would pretty much get you a can for free or very little at Dollar Tree.  

With this particular item, I like the sun-dried tomato option but am trying the basil-Parmesan variety.  They seem to work well with pastas.  

Please keep in mind that these should have a decent shelf life and would also make nice pantry donation items :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Kroger Mega Event Week(s)

Kroger is currently having one of their Mega Events in which you take $4 off your total if you buy 4 participating items.     Digital Kroger coupons, peelies, and coupons--especially ones that double--can really increase your savings.  If you are a Plus Card member, don't forget to scan your card and bring those coupons they send to you in the mail.  I got a FREE razor valued around $10.99 via a Kroger coupon.  

I was fortunate to find a peelie on Finish Dishwasher that doubled to $1.00 at my Kroger making it $1.99 with the Mega Event pricing.  Tonight, I found Lawry's Marinade for 99 cents in the Mega Event with a 50 cent coupon attached to some bottles that made the bottle that I got free after it doubled.  Keep your eyes peeled for those peelies...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Free Video Rentals for "A" Grades on Report Cards

Family Video stores are offering this reward to students again this year.  Your child can bring in his or her report card and and earn free rentals for "A" grades between now and June 30, 2013.  Last year, our local store honored "S" and "pass" grades as "A" grades.